Engineering Course

( UR6524003)  Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering with Honours
Programme Summary

This program aims to produce skilled workers at the professional level who have strong knowledge in design, operation, improvement and conservation of processes involving chemistry at the macro manufacturing level as well as related fields that are growing in line with the National Industrial Policy, Industrial Master Plan, Science Policy and National Technology and Food Agro Policy. In line with that, graduates are able to apply knowledge, knowledge and skills to solve engineering-related problems. Therefore, Chemical Engineers differ from the work of chemists, where Chemists perform on a small scale, while Chemical Engineers perform on a larger scale for industrial purposes.

Curriculum structure has been formed with emphasis on theoretical understanding and applied through laboratory practice, computer-assisted learning, workshop work, industrial training and projects based on design or technology and engineering problem solving. Graduates have broad job prospects where the need for professional manpower in the field of chemical engineering is very high in line with the Program introduced to produce graduates who are professional, versatile, and highly skilled in dealing with and managing the field of Agricultural Engineering for food production purposes sustainable and technological environment. Knowledgeable graduates combine and apply engineering principles and theories in various aspects to ensure the capability, safety and sustainability of high-tech food production systems through mechanization and automation. Industrial training will increase the skills of graduates to adapt to the world of work quickly.

Graduates of this program have the opportunity to build careers as engineers and managers in fields and industries related to agriculture, plantation, production and processing of input materials and agricultural technology, and research in line with national goals to develop and sustain agriculture-based industries.

Career Opportunities
  • Agricultural Engineers

  • Sales Engineer

  • Quality Control Engineer

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Farm Managers (Private Industries such as Felda, IOI, Sime Darby)

  • Process Engineer (Industrial Product Production)

  • Product Production Engineer

  • R&D Engineer

  • Academics