Diploma Programme

( UR4521001) Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering
Programme Summary

Graduates of the Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering have broad job prospects in both the private and public sectors. Graduates of this program are qualified as assistant engineers or technical personnel in industrial fields such as metal processing and manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, electronics, material testing, service and maintenance, product control and quality, product design, failure analysis and welding metal. Among the key industry players related to this program are Ann Joo Steel, Antara Steel, Intel, KOMAG, Proton, Perwaja Steel, Produa and Malaysian Smelting Corporation. While in the public sector, graduates can choose to serve in government departments, statutory bodies and research institutions. In addition to entering the field of employment, graduates also have the opportunity to continue their education to the bachelor's degree level in the field of metallurgical engineering or materials engineering offered by universities at home and abroad.

  • PEO1 - To raise graduates who are competent in their respective engineering fields as exhibited through career development..

    PEO2 - To raise graduates who involved and contribute to the society.

    PEO3 - To raise graduates who pursue education opportunity continually.

    PEO4 - To raise graduates who contribute through innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • PO 1:  Ability to use mathematical knowledge, engineering and engineering principles to clear engineering procedures and practices

    PO 2:  Ability to analyze clear engineering problems in certain engineering fields

    PO 3:  Ability to use various techniques, skills and engineering tools to clear engineering activities.

    PO 4:  Ability to carry out investigations and assist in designing solutions for their respective engineering systems.

    PO 5:  Recognition of the need, and the ability to engage in lifelong learning

    PO 6:  Ability to communicate effectively not only with friends but also with the general public.

    PO 7:  Ability to demonstrate awareness of concern for their community, health, safety, law and cultural issues and responsibilities that arise

    PO 8:  Ability to function effectively as an individual and in the team

    PO 9:  Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering practices

    PO 10: Ability to demonstrate management awareness, business practices and entrepreneurship

    PO 11: Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of engineering practices taking into account the need for sustainable development

Career Opportunities
  • Technician / Assistant Process Engineer
  • Production Technician / Assistant Engineer
  • Quality Control Technician / Assistant Engineering Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Technician / Assistant Engineer
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Failure Analysis
  • Technician / Assistant Product Development Engineer
  • Technician / Assistant Process Development Engineer
  • Technician / Assistant Material Development Engineer
  • Metallurgist Assistant
  • Research assistant